Robins Farm is a state of the art racehorse training facility situated in beautiful countryside on the Surrey – West Sussex border. Colin Weedon, Peter Winkworth and Olly Stevens have trained winners at the highest level from the premises, and have all added value to the property through their respective tenures. In the past 5 years, under the ownership of Sheikh Fahad Al Thani, considerable investment has been made into the gallops, the American barns and all facilities on the farm.

Having rented at Whitsbury and Manton previously, the acquisition of Robins Farm allows George and Candida to invest into the property themselves. This is their “Final Move” !! The property is situated not much more than an hour from Central London, and is within 20 miles of both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. Several racecourses are within close proximity, and the Channel Tunnel is two hours drive away.

George and Candida welcome visitors, so come and have a look. And join in the fun !!.

George –    07889514881



Large yet warm stabling forms the core of the three barns that house the racehorses. Situated in American Barns, the stables have plenty of ventilation. There is a wide walkway through the middle of each barn, and most stables offer windows with views out onto the yard. Rubber matting beneath the bedding provides added warmth in winter, and automated water systems ensure consistent supply.


Two all-weather gallops, both with a hardwood surface, provide superb work facilities. A round gallop of three furlongs provides the perfect warm up canter. This gallop joins with a six furlong spur that pulls uphill to provide a testing but fair test. The “Valley Gallop” is seven furlongs long, and climbs along a similar incline to the famous Warren Hill in Newmarket, heading away into West Sussex from a Surrey start.



As a team, we are massive believers in turning our horses out as much as possible. Robins Farm boasts 14 “turn out” paddocks, and these are filled with our horses whenever the weather allows. Many trainers are based in locations where free space is at a premium, but that is not an issue with us, and our horses thrive for spending happy hours in muddy paddocks.


The horse treadmill is an excellent facility, especially for bringing along horses with back issues or fragile legs. Without the burden of a jockey, horses can do plenty of work on the treadmill, and the rubber matting is sympathetic on vulnerable joints. A great facility to have on the place. As is the vibrating plate floor and solarium, also a fine tool for aiding muscle and joint flexion on horses that have had issues in the past.





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